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Points to Consider Before Selecting a University for MBBS Abroad:

Every year millions of students wish to study different courses in abroad, despite there being abundance of opportunity in India. The most desirous course in or outside India for Indian students have been MBBS. Due to low number of MBBS seats in India, lakhs of students cannot get admission to MBBS colleges in India.

Last year approximately 15 lakh students applied to NEET UG, to fulfill their aspirations of becoming doctors, but approximately 75,000 of them were successful in getting a seat in Government and Private Medical Colleges of India. Therefore, a large number of students go to abroad to attain the MBBS degree, but there are some points that the student should keep in mind, before choosing a University to pursue MBBS.

If you are determined to become a doctor, the very first thing you need to do is research, which country and which university is best suited for your education and then make a decision.

One should look for the following points before considering applying to a Medical University Abroad:

  • MCI approved – If you wish to study abroad and then come back to India, then the university you are applying to should be recognized by the Medical Council of India. If your university or college is not recognized by MCI, then your degree will not be of any value in India. As what matters the most is your degree, you should be sure that the university should be MCI recognized. As this will help you to get license and practice as a doctor in India.
  • Do Not Worry about the Expenditure – When it comes to MBBS abroad, one should not worry about the expenditure, as medical education is an investment and not just an expense. Therefore, students should not worry about the tuition fees and cost of living in a country, as student loans are easily available.
  • How old is a University? – There are many universities abroad that are new and many counselors falsely lead students to take admission in such universities. That is why, you should research and check how old the university is and when was it founded. The older the University, the better the quality of education.
  • Quality Lab Facility – MBBS students requires both theoretical and practical knowledge. There are several colleges abroad that fail to provide lab facility. One should check if the university or college has proper infrastructure and lab facility. Lack of such facilities will affect your studies in a long run.
  • Language Barrier – A lot of colleges, especially in Russia, teach in Russian language, but there are many consultants who try to hide this fact, creating problems for the students. Hence, the student should re-check with the government websites the medium in which the university would be teaching. Although one would need to know a little local language for the market. Just as a student need to know a south Indian language for studying in South India, similarly, one need to know a little bit of the local language, even though now we have various translators apps to help us in long run.

These are few important points that one needs to keep in mind before considering any university or college abroad for MBBS. We, at Edunom, understand this and we make sure that any student that connects with us doesn’t come across any kind of problem while studying in any university abroad. We offer assistance for over 5 years and also help for education loan and other services that are needed to apply and shift to a country abroad.

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