Study In Abroad

Why study Abroad?

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Studying in Abroad helps us in many ways to develop our inner self, let you know some of the basic things you will learn if you study abroad.

New Perspective:

  • The biggest reason one should consider to study abroad is to see the world through new perspective. The new culture and religion, meeting new people and watching incredible beautiful destinations and each time you will explore something new.
  • Benefits of studying abroad gives you the opportunity to a global experience with studying in with people from different countries.
  • And not only one country, you can have the chance to visit neighboring countries also.

Cultural diversity:

  • A new culture, new people, and new traditions everything looks fascinating when you are in abroad, this will give you a sense of adaptability in other country with their rules and regulation which will attract you to study there. The way they celebrate their events and occasions at what time of the year, learning and understanding of the new culture gives you a chance to understand the countrymen better.

Hike your language skills:

  • Language is the most prominent way to convey what we think, so it has to be very proficient so that you can deliver your work more confidently.
  • Working on your language skills is good way of learning and easy to get close to your desired career.
  • Mostly universities have the languages classes for the international students so that they feel comfortable in the country.


Career Opportunities

  • Every organization needs an employee who is multitasking, when you study abroad you seek to have a good language skills and adjustable to new culture easily and they have a global exposure in their respective careers because they are easily adaptable and can learn and do many things at a time.
  • If you get placement just after the course completion that will be a plus point in your career because the work exposure in abroad is far better than India. 
  • You’ll actually get the experience of your place of study in the long term, picking up local knowledge such as where sells the best coffee, what tourist traps to avoid and how to get the most of the your new city.
  • Study abroad will give you number of friends from different backgrounds or countries so you should say that it’s a good exposure of contacts you can have.
  • Discover different cuisines which the country has to offer you, and enjoy your gala time while being there.


This all will give you self confidence, self reliability and broad prospective to your desired career. Studying in abroad results in maturity to understand and learn things in a fastest manner possible.


Edunom helps you to get admission in some of the best countries like:


  • There are 13 national universities in Ukraine with high standard of education.
  • And 50 other private universities for international students, with easy admission procedure.


  • 63 top universities which have rankings in world’s best universities.
  • Some public universities provide tuition free education i.e. free of cost education.


  • There are more than 1,000 universities in the US, as US has set the education standards very high, most of the universities in US are in world’s top 10 ranking.
  • Great exposure to learning and leaving a luxurious life.


  • 106 universities are in England and 5 university colleges out of a total of around 130 in the United Kingdom.
  • Full time education in UK is a compulsion; somehow you can apply for short term schools there.


  • There are 25 best universities in UAE, which provide affordable education to Indians.
  • Dubai is moving forward in terms of education and trying well to deliver the best.


  • Famous for medical course in the world, MCI &WHO approved universities.
  • Georgia is a peaceful country and one of the top destinations in the world.


  • The country’s premier university is its national state university, the University of the Philippines, recognized worldwide to be one of the top caliber institutions.
  • At present 2,300 colleges and universities are there in Philippines.


  • Mauritius has top eight universities with good education.
  • Mauritius has low population but having world class infrastructure.


  • Nepal shares a very close bond of friendship with India.
  • Medical education is quite affordable and teaching sessions are done with latest technology.


  • Having high rate of population in comparison to India.
  • In terms of education China is one of the leading countries with 2,914 universities having good education system.


  • Leading the medical sector and is affordable country.
  • One may learn to speak Russian language to communicate better local people.
  • M. Sechenov first Moscow state medical university.


  • The birthplace of writers like Oscar Wilde has a lot more to provide in the education sector.
  • Ireland is a safe and having internationally ranked universities.

Poland: b

  • Having 429 universities all over and is one of the top education providers in the world.
  • Poland follows bologna process. A three stage education level process.


  • There are 32 public universities in Bangladesh with a global exposure education.
  • Famous medical institutions are making Bangladesh countable in world ranking.


  • MCI recognized medical colleges with global exposure.
  • Kyrgyzstan have 13 world ranking universities.


  • Eight universities in the Kazakhstan are the featured in QS World University Rankings.
  • Top choices of medical aspirants.


  • Singapore has world class education and what not and country is not that affordable.
  • 6 Singapore universities are ranked in world university ranking.


  • France also has a very good reputation in education and have some of the best universities.
  • If you want to roam around France and enjoy dazzling beauty of the country than France is the best option.


  • One of major country providing eminent education from a very long time and have a very high standard of living.
  • Canada has a lot more Indian population so it will be a great choice if you want to study Canada and visit around north America.



  • For MBA courses Australia is one of the common choices for Indians.
  • Australia has a very prominent education system.


  • Offers various master’s program to international students.
  • A very beautiful country with top ranked universities.


  • A beautiful white sand island with a less population and more tourist.
  • For medical studies its perfect to study in Barbados.


  • Only speaking country in South America.
  • For MBBS one can choose Guyana.

Caribbean Island:

  • Use of latest technology and amazing teaching sessions.
  • Full of islands so you can always feel like a holiday while studying!


  • Having a very few population but loads of tourist places.
  • For Master’s degree Malaysia is a good choice with affordable tuition fee.


  • Armenia has top five international private universities.
  • Tuition fee and cost of living is affordable in Armenia.


  • Top choice for medical aspirants from India every year.
  • English speaking nation, learning will be comfortable for international students.